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2017 Wine Country Film Festival

Dance Shorts

Arts In Film / 112 mins

Dance Shorts

Kenwood Depot
September 23, 2017 11:00 am


In This Program

  1. Into Sunlight

    Ron Honsa / Independent / World Cinema features / United States / 2017 / Documentary / 67 mins
    INTO SUNLIGHT brings together a choreographer, her dancers, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the nonfiction book that inspired her bold experiment. David Maraniss' "They Marched Into Sunlight "is a chronicle of the Vietnam era that explores the effects of war on those in battle and those at home. The challenge for choreographer Robin Becker is to combine these historic events in Vietnam and on the home front into a full-scale contemporary dance. Director Ron Honsa blends rehearsal, performance footage and interviews. culminating when the dancers are invited to perform their work in Vietnam, adding another layer of depth to this provocative story of war and its lasting imprint on all of us.

  2. In the Shadow

    Ferolyn Angell / Arts In Film / United States / 2016 / Experimental / 34 mins
    Dance, music, spoken word and photographic imagery combine to explore the shadow cast upon generations by the Holocaust threat of annihilation .

  3. Libera

    Walter Yamazaki / Arts In Film / United States / 2017 / 6 mins
    Dancers often struggle with the complexities of their own minds. Whether they are bound by their self-doubt or liberated by their love for dance, it is a continual journey of self-discovery and faith in their chosen path. This short film examines each dancer in both worlds - the world of constraint and the world of infinite freedom - and how so often they must strive to find the balance between the two.

  4. Training

    Homer Liwag / Arts In Film / United States / 2017 / Documentary, Experimental / 2 mins
    A short, experimental dance film shot on location on an abandoned railroad track in southern Las Vegas.

Dates & Times

Dance Shorts

Kenwood Depot
September 23, 2017 11:00 am