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2017 Wine Country Film Festival

Animation Plus

Animation / 38 mins

Animation Plus Shorts

Kenwood Depot
September 22, 2017 3:00 pm


In This Program

  1. The Bridge Over the River

    Jadwiga Kowalska / Animation / 2016 / Animation, Romance / 5 mins
    A man on a bridge, separated from the love of his life. Wanting to be with her one last time, he decides to go and seek her in the hereafter. On the brink of suicide, a man considers taking the final step into both the river below and the waiting arms of his lover. Spotted by pedestrians on a parallel bridge, he begins to rethink his decision when matters take an unexpected turn. Bridge Over the River features hand-drawn characters brought to life in beautiful color and black-and-white animation.

  2. In Exile

    Alexander Kurilov / Animation / Moldova / 2016 / Animation, Social Drama / 11 mins
    In Exile showcases director Alexander Kurilov’s elegant use of sound and visual detail to build a narrative around the animated short’s central character, a young boy who has lost his parents. As the viewer pieces together aspects of the boy’s life both through careful attention to audiovisual cues and intermittent segments of blended dreams and memories, one realizes that the protagonist is in exile on a number of levels.

  3. Our Wonderful Nature – the Common Chamoleon

    Tomer Eshed / Animation / Germany / 2016 / Animation / 3 mins
    This three-minute animated short film offers a comedic take on the feeding habits of the chameleon in mockumentary style. Director Tomer Eshed presents a fun and light-hearted experience with beautiful visuals and sound.

  4. Where Have the Flowers Gone?

    Sin-hong Chan / Animation / China / Animation / 6 mins
    Clearly influenced by early silent films such as Metropolis and Modern Times in both sound and visual design, animator and director Sin-Hong Chong offers a six-minute, animated depiction of the oppression of the laboring class and the crushing dream of financial success at the hands of a wealthy factory owner. This film explores the cost of economic success and the struggles of an individual worker seeking to provide a better life for his family.

  5. Do Not Resuscitate

    Hana Dahl / Cinema of Conscience / United States / 2016 / 6 mins
    An elderly man obsessed with his own death meets his kindred spirit. Following their motto “Live each day like it’s your last,” the two live out the rest of their days attempting to fulfill their death wish. From the first note of Amilcare Ponchielli’s “Dance of the Hours” to the film’s final moment, this dark comedy finds a suitable place amidst the animated films due to its use of caricature and hyperbolic humor.

Dates & Times

Animation Plus Shorts

Kenwood Depot
September 22, 2017 3:00 pm