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2017 Wine Country Film Festival


  1. Faith’s Gambit

    Dr. Steven Zlotowski / EcoCinema / United States / 2016 / Comedy, Drama, Environmental, Romance / 24 mins
    A young man, Knox, encounters a young woman, Amara, walking on his family's private property. Her witty report charms him into allowing her to continue her trespassing. Later, they meet again in a grocery store by chance, and she invites him over to dinner. Their conversation lingers on climate change and its potential impact on the future. In the face of global warming, is the planet's future hopeful or bleak?informative and slightly romantic, this film will resonate with viewers concerned about the environment.
    Plays In:
    EcoCinema Showcase

    Kenwood Depot
    September 24, 2017 7:20 pm

  2. Mrs Drake

    Caitlin FitzGerald / Cinema of Conscience / United States / 2017 / Drama, Female / 15 mins
    This film features a superb performance from Rachel Fowler as Laura, an overworked single mother. Laura struggles to maintain her sanity while dealing with her frequently problematic son, Jack. One night, Jack tells Laura that during the day his teacher, Mrs. Drake, locked him in a closet during recess. Laura is thrown into a spiral of confusion and guilt—not knowing what to believe or where her responsibility lies. "Mrs. Drake" is a story about blame, uncertainty, and the complexities of a flawed mother as she wrestles with her responsibilities as a parent. Directed by actress Caitlin FitzGerald.

    Precedes: Slipaway

    Slipaway with Mrs Drake

    Kenwood Depot
    September 23, 2017 3:00 pm

  3. Slipaway

    Julia Butler, Daniel Mentz / Arts In Film, Independent / World Cinema features / United States / 2016 / Drama, Senior/Aging, Youth / 88 mins
    Neglected by her family, Fall, an eclectic elder with good intentions but extreme measures, finds little companionship in our hyper-busy world. When she comes across Adam, a young street musician selling his keyboard, she buys it on a whim under the pretense of wanting to learn piano. Suspicious and wary, Adam agrees to teach her and quickly finds himself captured in an unsteady home with one feisty yet compassionate lady. Loaded with heart and grace, Slipaway features fine performances by Elaine Partnow and Jesse Pepe.

    Preceded by: Mrs Drake

    Slipaway with Mrs Drake

    Kenwood Depot
    September 23, 2017 3:00 pm