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2017 Wine Country Film Festival

On The Roof ~ El Techo

El Techo

Directed by Patricia Ramos

Independent / World Cinema features / Cuba / 2016 / 75 mins / Spanish

On the Roof -with Don Ruperto

Kenwood Depot
September 22, 2017 5:30 pm


In Havana, on a roof, three young friends gather every day to tell stories and dreams, treating life as if time passes without notice. In the midst of their boredom, without money and dreaming of prosperity, they decide to set up their own business, a pizza restaurant. Their story embodies hope and the pursuit of aspirations in unclear circumstances. This microcosm speaks volumes about the vibrant culture and climate of Cuba today, showcasing the talents of a new woman director who is someone to watch.

Director's Bio

Bachelor in Spanish Studies at the Havana University in 1999 and film writing at the International School of Cinema and TV in, Cuba (EICTV) in 2001. Has been teacher of scriptwriting workshop in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica and Venezuela. In 2009 directed the documentary “Ampárame” from the TVE Serie “History of Cuban Music” and two short fiction film, “The Courtyard of my Home”, best short film in Cuba in 2007 and “Nana” in 2004.

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Dates & Times

On the Roof -with Don Ruperto

Kenwood Depot
September 22, 2017 5:30 pm