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2017 Wine Country Film Festival

Letter from Michel Poulette about WCFF

Posted September 9th, 2017 by sduval in Uncategorized

Hello Stephen

I just want to thank you for that great time I had at the Wine Country Film Festival.
Of course, having the opportunity to present and discuss their works have always been the real salary of directors.
When you top that with the JACK LONDON SPIRIT AWARD , it is a real blessing. I really like the name and signification of this award.
I also appreciated the films that I had seen and meeting others directors and producers.
I want also to signal the pleasure of dealing with people from your team.So nice and dedicated.
And thanks also for your introduction to Bernie and Kat Krauser. I had a great day in their company.
So everything was just perfect to have a good and stimulating  festival. Thanks again.

I sent the news of my award to some trade papers in Quebec and they are asking for pictures. Is it possible for you to send me one of you and I holding Jack London Spirit Award ?
Also let me know how was received THE GOOD LIE: this may be part of the topo they want to do in the trade papers.
Also, can you give me the contact for your distributor friend living in Maine ? I’ll be in touch with him.

So thanks again for this marvellous time.
And don’t forget that you are always welcome in Montreal.

au plaisir

And please send my regards  to Justine , your daughters and the members of your team
Michel Poulette