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2017 Wine Country Film Festival

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~ AlFresco FilmFest13.850x261Bright

“Films al Fresco™” at Deerfield Ranch Winery, Kenwood, CA

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there film
THE RITE OF SPRING: A Musical Odyssey
outdoors, under the stars at Deerfield Ranch Winery

Dorothea Lange Migrant_Mother_reduced


DOROTHEA LANGE: Grab a Hunk of Lightning – Dir. Dyanna Taylor In Person



2_Birth_of_Sake_Erik_Shirai copy

THE BIRTH OF SAKE – In Person: Sake Master Yasuyuki Yoshida (Yachan
and Tastings of his HandMade Sake


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Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in Nancy Meyers’

THE POET OF HAVANA – Carlos Varela

LittleForest_Photo 1
LITTLE FOREST – Winter/Spring – Japan

BEATBOX – with Producer Jon Furay In Person, and
A BeatBox Competition – following the film.

Paulo Coelho's Best Story - 3



by Erki Shirai

with With Sake Master Yachan  In Person

with Sake Tasting

Award winning and gorgeous exploration of the ancient method of Sake method, completely hand made by dedicated artisans.

With Sake Tasting experience led by the Sake Master himself, here from Japan.


02_2 AndersonRoebyLisa-MarieMazzucco copy

**  THE RITE OF SPRING: A MUSICAL ODYSSEY by Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe


Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe, Juilliard alumni and Billboard chart-topping pianists, tread uncharted territory with their cinematic re-imagining of one of history’s most monumental compositions. The Rite of Spring: A Musical Odyssey fuses a ferocious dueling piano performance with an epic tale of soul-searching and survival, culminating in the sacrificial destruction of a 140-year-old organ.


A tale of soul-searching and survival, ‘The Rite of Spring: A Musical Odyssey’ is a boundary-breaking film that culminates in the sacrificial destruction of a piano.


The film weaves together a ferocious dueling piano performance of Igor Stravinsky’s 35-minute masterwork with a narrative of existential awakening.


Conceived, produced, directed, performed, and edited by Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe, 31-year-old Juilliard alumni, Billboard chart-topping pianists, and Emmy-nominated pioneers of the classical music video genre, this film celebrates the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s seminal masterwork.


The music at the heart of the film is ‘The Rite of Spring,’ Igor Stravinsky’s monumental ballet that radically transformed the face of twentieth-century culture with its savage sounds and controversial narrative depicting the rituals of a pagan tribe and eventual sacrifice of a young virgin.

with a LIVE PERFORMANCE by Pianists/Filmmakers Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe


—————— ——————————



by Nancy Meyers (Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, Parent Trap)


Robert De Niro is in top comedic form in ‘The Intern,’ out this September, playing a retired phone book company executive who signs up for a “senior” internship to get out of the house and back in the game.



Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway team up in the upcoming film, ‘The Intern.’ — Francois Duhamel/Courtesy Warner Bros.


“I liked the idea of a movie that put across the value of elder wisdom,” says De Niro, who turns 72 in August. “What it comes down to is, ‘If I only knew then what I know now.’ ”

De Niro’s character knows a lot, which is part of the movie’s charm. A widower, he assists a fashion website’s CEO (Anne Hathaway), who finds herself in need of his hard-earned expertise, while he simultaneously wins the hearts of both his much younger colleagues and the company masseuse (Rene Russo).

The Oscar-winning actor says that, unlike his eager character, he is not yet thinking about reinventing himself. But he does laughingly admit that he wouldn’t mind taking an internship in physics, if given the chance. Noting that it’s never too late to learn, he says, “My great-grandfather went back and got his high school diploma when he was in his late 70s.” from AARP Magazine





Directed by Daniel Augusto

Having sold over 165 million copies of 30 books, Paulo Coelho is one of the best-selling authors of all time. His works have been translated into 80 languages and published in more than 150 countries around the world.


A suicide attempt, three passages through a mental institution and all the imaginable conflicts a young man, torn between good and evil, could possibly face in the 60s and 70s. The misunderstood boy and the rebellious youth blossom into a man who does not give up on his dream: to become a widely acclaimed writer. The film tells the amazing and true journey of Paulo Coelho’s life that turned him into a writer of tales millions of people all over the world enjoy.


The main source of inspiration for Paulo Coelho’s work is his own life. The author of “The Pilgrimage” and “The Alchemist” is certainly a celebrity, but only few know that the story of his life itself is remarkable. Paulo flirted with death, escaped from madness, experimented with drugs, overcame torture, suffered and smiled for love, made Rock and Roll History in Brazil, but never gave up on his biggest dream: to triumph as a writer.




LITTLE FOREST – Winter / Spring

 by Jun’ichi Mori

The seasons of rural Japan with a young woman,  Ichiko (Ak Hashimoto) lives a remote mountain village. She has retreated from her city life to rediscover the nature based life of her grandmother in the rural fields and forests. Fabulous original foods she cooks using various ingredients which come from her own field and the local mountains.


LITTLE FOREST – Winter / Spring







*  DOROTHEA LANGE  – Grab a Hunk of Lightening

Directed by  Dyanna Taylor


Explore, through her granddaughter’s eyes, the life story of Dorothea Lange, the photographer who captured the iconic image “Migrant Mother”.


Never-seen-before photos, many taken here in the Wine Country, film footage, interviews, family memories, and journals reveal the artist who challenged America to know itself.


Lange’s enduring images document five turbulent decades of American history, including the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War II Japanese American Internment camps, and early environmentalism.


Yet few know the story, struggles, and profound body of work of the woman behind the camera.


Award winning cinematographer Dyanna Taylor, brought up in the Bay Area and Lange’s granddaughter, directs and narrates this intimate documentary as it explores Lange’s life, probes the nature of her muses – two great men and the camera itself – and her uncompromising vision.


Taylor, who learned to see the visual world at her grandmother’s feet, weaves Lange’s preparations for her career retrospective at New York’s MoMA into a universal story of a woman’s struggle to live a creative life.


IN PERSON – Director Dyanna Taylor 





by Eric Steel (The Bridge, Julie & Julia, Angela’s Ashes)


About Scottish fly fishing fly tier Megan Boyd who became famous and was honored by the Queen.  Beautifully photographed and edited, KISS THE WATER transcends the traditional documentary form, spinning the facts and fiction of one woman’s life into a stunning film about craft, devotion, love and its illusions.


“An elegant and fascinating delight, Kiss The Water is made with insight, intelligence and a painterly delight..”.Screen Daily


Followed by a Fly contest and talk by Josh Leland of Leland Fly Fishing Ranch, Sonoma.     





by Andrew Dresher


  – BEATBOX is an independent dramatic feature set in Manhattan featuring a young man who discovers his talents as a Beatbox musician.


Set in Brooklyn– New York’s musical epicenter– the film follows Pete (20s), an underdog hero, a DJ and musician whose day job is delivering beer for his girlfriend’s family business.  But, come night, Pete is in his makeshift home recording studio, where he lays down beats.   He meets Stone, a mysterious record company owner, who introduces Pete to the world of Brooklyn beatboxing, and to the lovely singer and beatboxer Rye.  The film culminates at the country’s beatbox championship competition, where performers face off, and also collaborate.


Producer Jon Furay A BeatBox Competition – following the film.





IN PERSON Oscar™ Nominated Director :  Gini Reticker

Three years. Six revolutions. Nine women. Fighting for peace in a state of war.

When a young Egyptian woman travels from her village to Cairo to add her voice to the tens of thousands of Egyptian’s demanding an end to sixty years of military rule, she is arrested, beaten, and tortured by security forces and later punished and imprisoned by her family for daring to speak out.


Unbreakable, she sets out in a search for freedom and social justice in a country in the grips of a power struggle, where there is little tolerance for the likes of her. Buoyed by the other activists she meets along the way, Hend Nafea’s story mirrors the trajectory of the Arab Spring–from the ecstasy of newfound courage to the agony of shattered dreams. In the end, despite crushing setbacks, it is resilience that sustains the hope for reform even in the darkest hours of repression.


Chronicling post-revolutionary Egypt from 2011 – 2014, The Trials of Spring follows HendNafea’s transformation from a quiet student in a conservative village to a brave human rights activist in Cairo now facing a possible 15 to 25 year prison sentence for her role int he uprisings.  The women of Egypt and their stories over the last four years illuminate the vital – and often underreported – role women play in shaping its future.


IN PERSON Oscar™ Nominated Director :  Gini Reticker




REWINED – Italy 

ReWined – Vino Dentro

It all started with the first wine sip Giovanni Cuttin had in his life. A Marzemino, a wine mentioned by Lorenzo da Ponte in his libretto for Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Since then, the shy clerk becomes the bank director, a lady-killer and the most revered wine expert in Italy. But soon he will be charged for his wife’s murder.

Being grilled by Inspector Sanfelice, Giovanni reflects on the last 3 years of his life, dominated by an only mad passion: wine. Gradually the investigation becomes more and more caught between the boundaries of reality and its dreamlike counterpart. What if Giovanni, like Faust, met a diabolic force that made his life very special, only to settle the score later?


IN PERSON – Director Ferdinando Vicentini 


————— —————————

The Poet of Havana – Carlos Varela

Directed by Ron Chapman



A remarkable portrait of the talented poet/songwriter whose songs are known by heart throughout Cuba, in spite of his many years of underground performances. Featuring Jackson Brown and Benicio delToro, plus a bevy of Cuban artists the film tells the story of post revolutionary Cuba.


IN PERSON – Producer Jack Lenz and Director Ron Chapman and Special Guests. 




Three of the year’s best mid length films from new Japanese filmmakers. 





Directed by Andrea Zapata-Girau


A global exploration of Flamenco based guitar music shot in Spain, Cuba, US, Nicaragua, Germany, Russia filled with dance, blues-flamenco and jazz with Anton Jimenez and a dozen world class musicians and dancers.