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WCFF Guide

Our website from Gala Festival Engines has many new features for viewing the films in the festival and purchasing tickets.

Daily schedule: To see what’s happening each day at Wine Country Film Festival September 25 – 29, and build your own custom itinerary to print or share with friends.

All films and events: Browse Wine Country Film Festival films and events from A-Z.

Short Films: To see a list of all Short Films in the Festival

Genres: To search by genre, see the Genre Search Cloud in the Sidebar and choose a keyword. For example, choose comedy to see all comedies in the festival.

History: To read about the history of the Wine Country Film Festival

To Browse Sections and Type of Films Use the Red buttons underneath the slider on the homepage.

If a short film doesn’t have a BUY TICKET button click on the film’s name to go to the next page where you can see the film the short is screening before and Purchase a ticket.