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2016 Wine Country Film Festival


  1. The Carer

    Janos Edelenyi / Arts in Film, World Cinema / Hungary, UK / 2016 / Health, Performing Arts / 89 mins
    Graduating from the Academy of Films in Budapest, both as a director and director of photography, János Edelényi rejoined the staff of the Hungarian Television, where he had worked prior to film school. Edelenyi's collaboration with Gyorgy Feher on Richard III, Volpone and other programs commissioned by the Hungarian Television, has been widely accepted as groundbreaking and redefining the medium by their daring use of extreme close ups. Two of his documentaries won First Prizes at the National Documentary Film Festival, and he was awarded Price For Best Photography, Grand Prize, Best TV Adaptation Prizes at various other national festivals. Edelenyi has directed and co-produced or/and photographed over 40 documentaries and 7 feature films. He is Executive Director of the Tel Aviv based Prolitera Productions. He co-wrote and Produced Vilmos Zsigmond’s “The Long Shadow,” a Hungarian-Israeli-American feature film with Michael York and Liv Ullmann (which was shown at the Wine Country Film Festival).
    The Carer

    September 25, 2016 7:00 pm

  2. Walk on the Wild Side

    Germaine McCormack-Kos / Cinema of Conscience, Documentary, World Cinema / France, USA / 2016 / Art, First Filmmaker, Healing, Health, History, Woman Filmmaker / 58 mins
    Walk On the Wild Side is the amazing story of the pioneers who came up wtih the first cures for cancer and those who have followed in their footsteps intertwined with a poetic upbeat personal story. Germaine McCormack-Kos is a Paris based painter, a mother and a film professional who is suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She begins treatment and remembers she had met the great Pioneer of Immunotherapy, Dr.Georges Mathé, who performed the first ever bone marrow transplant, and decides to make a film that will inform, inspire and help others cope with cancer. Invited guest: Germaine Mccormack-Kos.
    Walk on the Wild Side

    KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
    September 25, 2016 2:30 pm