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2016 Wine Country Film Festival

The Prophet produced by Salma Hayek

Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

Directed by Roger Allers

Animated, Cinema of Conscience, US Cinema, Arts in Film, World Cinema / France, Ireland, United Arabic Emirates, USA / 2015 / Adventure, Aesthetics, Art, Cultural, Food, Literature, Middle East, Peace, Poetry, Romance, Vision Quest, Youth / 86 mins / English

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The Prophet by Salma Hayek

KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
September 24, 2016 3:00 pm


A marriage of poetry, painting, storytelling and ancient wisdom, “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet” is a gem of a film.

     All of life’s key elements  – Love, Marriage, Work, Art, Freedom  – get their due as top animation directors from around the world pitch in to create a fresh fantasia out of celebrated Lebanese-American author Kahlil Gibran’s celebrated poems in his international best seller “The Prophet.”
      A dissident being kept under house arrest recounts valuable lessons in a series of vignettes while a mischievous young woman causes havoc in the community.  Set in a Mediterranean seaside village, Kamila (Salma Hayek) cleans house for exiled artist and poet Mustafa (Liam Neeson), but the more difficult job is keeping her free-spirited young daughter, Almitra (Quvenzhané Wallis), out of trouble.

     The three embark on a journey meant to end with Mustafa’s return home – but first they must evade the authorities who fear that the truth in his words will incite rebellion.
     For Salma Hayek, the Oscar-nominated star of 2002’s “Frida,” the idea of creating an animated movie around “The Prophet,” was somehow inevitable. She was about 6 years old when she first saw a copy of the book belonging to her maternal grandfather, who was Lebanese, like Gibran himself. As a teenager, she picked up the book and began reading, and rereading, and fell under its spell.
     After Hayek expanded her career to include the role of Producer (“Frida” and the TV series “Ugly Betty”), she was convinced Gibran’s book also could be successfully adapted into an animated feature. She painstakingly assembled the world’s most creative independent animators, each to do a single sequence, in his/her own style, and thus we are treated to a diversity of visual interpretations of Mustafa’s enlightened poetic ideas.

An Animation extravaganza for lovers of poetry and art featuring the work of:
Roger Allers (“The Lion King”)
Gaëtan Brizzi (“Fantasia 2000”)
Paul Brizzi (“Fantasia 2000”)
Joan C. Gratz (“Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase”)
Mohammed Saeed Harib (“Freej”)
Tomm Moore (“Song of the Sea”)
Nina Paley (“Sita Sings the Blues”)
Bill Plympton (“Idiots and Angels”)
Joann Sfar (“Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life”)
ichal Socha (“Chick”)

     Of particular note is Oscar™ winner Joan C. Gratz’ “Work is Love Made Visible,” a hand made clay-painting sequence that morphs bodies and hands and celestial images to the poetic lines of Mustafa (Neeson) praising the creative process.
     Since its first appearance in 1923, Gibran’s slim volume has attracted millions of readers; it has been translated into more than 40 languages and sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.
     The film features music from Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, Gabriel Yared, and Yo-Yo Ma.

 Admission: $10



Director's Bio

Roger Allers is known for his work on The Lion King (1994), Aladdin (1992) and The Emperor’s New Groove (2000).  

Salma Hayek – Salma Hayek is an actress, director and producer of Mexican and Lebanese descent who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in ‘Frida.’


Halim (voice): John Krasinksi
Mustafa (voice): Liam Neeson
Kamila (voice): Salma Hayek
Sergeant (voice): Alfred Molina
Producer: Salma Hayek
Screenplay: Roger Allers, Kahlil Gibran (original novel)
Music: Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, Gabriel Yared, and Yo-Yo Ma

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Dates & Times

The Prophet by Salma Hayek

KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
September 24, 2016 3:00 pm