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2016 Wine Country Film Festival

The Other Kids

Directed by Chris Brown

Youth, CineLatino, Cinema of Conscience, US Cinema / USA / 2016 / Cultural, Diversity, Personal Vision, Social Issues, Youth / 85 mins / North Bay Premiere

The Other Kids

Kenwood Depot
September 25, 2016 4:30 pm


A raw, intimate look into the struggles of six small-town teens on the verge of high school graduation, THE OTHER KIDS is a bold and original hybrid of fiction & non-fiction in which real teenagers collaborated with director Chris Brown to tell their own gripping, personal stories.  These stories became the basis for this remarkable film in which the story-tellers are also the actors. The results were usually unplanned and often surprising.

San Francisco writer/director Chris Brown’s goal was to make a film about the small town teen experience as it really exists today, versus what he (as a middle-aged, urban male) might assume that experience to be. The only way to do that was to give real teenagers the dominant voice in the storytelling process.

 “Fictumentary” is the word Brown made up to describe the process of taking raw materials from real life to create a fictional cinematic universe. Shot without a script, THE OTHER KIDS was fueled by the teen actors’ real-life struggles, feelings and experiences.

In Tuolumne County, CA where the film was shot, income inequality impacts every corner of life; the rate of suicide among teens in the county is three times the national average, a statistic that tracks horrifyingly closely with other measures of economic and social injustice. Against this backdrop, the film takes a raw, intimate look into the most crucial decisions teens make about their lives.

Because the film was unscripted, each shooting day was part of an ongoing process of emotional discovery for everyone involved – from the cast and crew to their families, friends, employers and teachers. The results were usually unplanned and often surprising.

“The production seems to have had a transformative and empowering effect on nearly everyone involved. Having dealt with their personal struggles in a supportive environment over an extended period, the teens gradually grew more confident and more articulate about their thoughts, feelings and goals. For this reason alone, this has been without a doubt the happiest and most meaningful filmmaking experience of my life” states Brown.
The film starts at 4:30pm Q&A with Chris Brown after the film.
Followed by Closing Night Reception for FilmMakers and Pass Holders.

Cinequest Film Festival San Jose, CA (World Premiere), Florida Film Festival Orlando, (Grand Jury Prize – Best Narrative Feature ), New Jersey Film Festival ( Best Narrative Feature )


Producers: Chris Brown, Brad Marshland
Screenplay: Chris Brown
Cast: Savannah Bailey, Hunter Gilmore, Kai Kellerman, Sienna Lampi, Natasha Lombardi, Joe McGee, Isaac Sanchez, Abby Stewart

Dates & Times

The Other Kids

Kenwood Depot
September 25, 2016 4:30 pm