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2016 Wine Country Film Festival

The Jungle


Directed by Onur Saylak, Doğu Akal

Shorts / Turkey / 2015 / 15 mins / Turkish

Plays In:
Shorts Film Program Sunday

KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
September 25, 2016 11:00 am


In the heart of Istanbul, the forest of nothingness and a megacity, Omar and his two daughters struggle for their lives after fleeing the war in Syria. In this city witnessing all the sorrows and pleasures of the world, Omar, who was once a Public Works officer in his homeland, starts living like a beggar and tries to build his life on an utter obscurity. He pounds the pavement and begs for help with his daughters. The only source of income he could find is catching stray animals and selling them to Fahri, the pet shop owner. One day, however, Fahri comes to Omar with a strange request: He wants Omar to catch snakes in the forest at the outskirts of the city.

Zeynep and Dündar are a middle-class couple leading a comfortable life in their gated community. In their routinized marital life they spend days without even speaking a word. One night, they encounter with Omar at a crossroad. Though seeming like an ordinary one, this encounter will lead to an incident which is not to be forgotten by any of them. Next day, Omar slowly heads for the depths of the forest in search of snakes. The same morning, while the couple are doing their routine exercises in the forest, their dog suddenly starts running into the backwoods. Running after their dog, they witness an unforgettable scene: Getting bitten by a snake, Omar is lying by a pond. Dündar, who is terrified by the scene, leaves in a hurry with his wife and dog, not even trying to discover who the injured man is. And Omar is left all alone in the depths of the forest.

Director's Bio

Onur Saylak (1977, Ankara) is an actor. He won recognition for his first performance in zcan Alper’s lm, Autumn. Doğu Akal (1985, Ankara) graduated from the Bilkent Universi Department of Performing Arts in 2009. He has directed several plays. The Jungle is their first short film.


Screenplay: Onur Saylak, Doğu Akal, Hakan Günday
Cinematography: Feza Çaldıran
Editing: Ali Aga
Music: Uygur Yiğit

Plays in

  1. Shorts Film Program Sunday

    Shorts / 90 mins
    These short films are great because they tell more in as little as four minutes than many feature films. Concentrated and meaningful, they take our breath away. An amazing collection of short films including Muscle, Lucky Star, Wings, The Lake, Being Seen, The Jungle

    In This Program: Being Seen, The Jungle, The Lake, Lucky Star, Muscle, Wings

Dates & Times

Plays In:
Shorts Film Program Sunday

KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
September 25, 2016 11:00 am