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2016 Wine Country Film Festival

All 2016 Films & Events

Here are 2016 Films & Events. Note: The 30th 2016 Wine Country Film Festival runs Sept. 22 through 26th.

  1. The Untold Story

    Shane Stanley / Arts in Film / USA / 2016 / 104 mins
    Barry Van Dyke plays Edward Forester, an actor whose down on his luck. His career and personal life have hit rock bottom-but not his spirit. At 64, the handsome bachelor moves in to a tiny apartment and must start over again. Edward sets out on a journey to find his destiny but most of he has to follow his heart with a little help from a new friend named Catarina (Nia Peeples.) Filmmaker Stanley states "my goal is the film will ignite a passion in our viewers (both young and old) to live their lives to the fullest and never give up on their dream."Q&A with Multi-Emmy Award winning producer, writer, director Shane Stanley follows the film.
    Untold Story

    Kenwood Depot
    September 23, 2016 5:00 pm

  2. W.S. Merwin: Even Though the Whole World Is Burning

    Stefan C. Schaefer / Poetry, Biography, EcoCinema, Arts in Film, Documentary / 2016 / Environmental, Poetry, Politics / 82 mins
    Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin has won almost every major poetry prize that exists, including two Pulitzers. His legacy is based not only upon his writings, however, but also the singular form of environmental activism and land stewardship. He established the Merwin Conservancy, a preserve consisting of the most comprehensive private collections of palms in the world. EVEN THOUGH THE WHOLE WORLD IS BURNING is an intimate portrait of a man who is often called a “national treasure.”
    W.S. Merwin: Even Though the Whole World Is Burning

    Kenwood Depot
    September 25, 2016 10:30 am

  3. A Walk in the Park with David Vassar / and Reception

    David Vassar / Biography, Special Event, EcoCinema, US Cinema, Documentary / USA / 2016 / Adventure, Biography, Environmental / 100 mins
    SPECIAL EVENT - LIVE PRESENTATION Celebrate the National Park Service Centennial - 100 Years of Wilderness The Wine Country Film Festival is thrilled to host an inspiring afternoon with Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy® Award-winning writer, director, producer, and documentarian, David Vassar, a WCFF Alumni. "A Walk in the Park with David Vassar" is an epic life-long film retrospective through America's magnificent Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Death Valley National Parks, among others, highlighted with personal stories from Vassar's lifetime of environmental filmmaking. Following the film there will be a Q&A with David Vassar. And an Optional VIP Reception.
    A Walk in the Park with David Vassar

    Kenwood Depot
    September 25, 2016 2:00 pm

  4. Walk on the Wild Side

    Germaine McCormack-Kos / Cinema of Conscience, Documentary, World Cinema / France, USA / 2016 / Art, First Filmmaker, Healing, Health, History, Woman Filmmaker / 58 mins
    Walk On the Wild Side is the amazing story of the pioneers who came up wtih the first cures for cancer and those who have followed in their footsteps intertwined with a poetic upbeat personal story. Germaine McCormack-Kos is a Paris based painter, a mother and a film professional who is suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She begins treatment and remembers she had met the great Pioneer of Immunotherapy, Dr.Georges Mathé, who performed the first ever bone marrow transplant, and decides to make a film that will inform, inspire and help others cope with cancer. Invited guest: Germaine Mccormack-Kos.
    Walk on the Wild Side

    KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
    September 25, 2016 2:30 pm

  5. Warrior Road

    Brad Jayne / Youth, First Feature, US Cinema, Arts in Film / USA / 2016 / Aesthetics, Art, Diversity, First Feature, Literature, Vision Quest, Youth / 91 mins
    Get in the mood with Live Music with Master Blues player JOHN BURDICK before the film. WARRIOR ROAD ~ WORLD PREMIERE An adventure of the soul. Based on writer-director Brad Jayne’s life experiences, the story follows Joseph a painfully shy writer in the waterlands of South Carolina. After robbing a rural juke joint with two lower-class buddies and joy-riding up the coast to Myrtle Beach, his journey becomes a quest for strength and courage - from being a timid boy to a spiritual warrior and finally a man. Q&A with Brad Jayne after the film. The film incorporates tracks from Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Leadbelly, Chet Baker and more. Q&A with Brad Jayne after the film.
    Warrior Road

    Muscardini Cellars
    September 24, 2016 7:45 pm

  6. West Coast Sea Salt

    Deborah Burns & Rich Johnson / Food On Film / Canada / 2016 / Agriculture, Food, Nature / 10 mins
    Foraging for sea salt on British Columbia's West Coast with Andrew Shepherd, salt expert and founder of Vancouver Island Salt Co. and Lisa Marie, holistic nutritionist and food forager.

    Preceded by: The Perfect Protein

    Precedes: Seed: the Untold Story

    Seed: The Untold Story

    KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
    September 23, 2016 2:15 pm

  7. The Whirl

    Celal Argın / Shorts, Arts in Film, Documentary / Turkey / 2016 / 22 mins
    “Semazens” are dervishes perhaps known best for their mystical dance, the “sema”. This documentary sets out to chronicle the rigorous training required from a very early age to become a “semazen”, not least the process of spinning around a nail on the practice floor.
    Plays In:
    Shorts Film Program- Arts in Film- Saturday

    Kenwood Depot
    September 24, 2016 11:45 am

  8. White

    Yeşim Coşkun / Turkey / 2016 / 8 mins
    A choreographical experiment. Innovative and a great music score...
    Plays In:
    Shorts Film Program- Arts in Film- Saturday

    Kenwood Depot
    September 24, 2016 11:45 am

  9. Wings

    Marco Capriotti / Italy / 2016 / 18 mins
    A chance encounter with a stranger's journal on a bus in Rome rekindles his memories of unknown emotions utterly awed by wonder. This day has come just for him and now everything is in place to be with her wings once again.
    Plays In:
    Shorts Film Program Sunday

    KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
    September 25, 2016 11:00 am

  10. Wings of Change

    Tuvi Arbel / EcoCinema, Cinema of Conscience, Documentary / Israel, Palestine / 2015 / Environmental, Jewish, Middle East, Peace, Social Issues, Viticulture / 53 mins
    WINNER of WCFF Peace & Cultural Understanding Prize A documentary about Mr. Birdman AKA Professor Yossi Leshem, a lightly religious, authoritative man with a rugged Israeli charm and the persuasion skills of a salesman. Today, he is the primary defender of Israeli nature and virtually the only ground-breaker in the talks with Palestinians and Jordanians, while negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are stuck. * There will be a Dove Release before the film. * Q&A with invited guests and Udy Epstein, CEO of 7th Art Releasing
    Wings of Change

    KenWood Restaurant Theatre Space
    September 25, 2016 12:45 pm

  11. Winter Frog

    Slony Sow / Terroir of Cinema, Wine, Shorts, Food On Film, World Cinema / France / 2011 / Art, Asian, Cultural, Healing, Landscape, Nature, Terrior of Cinema, Viticulture, Wine / 18 mins
    Benjamin, winemaker, sees his wife die in his arms following a long illness. Only one way for him: death. But a young Japanese woman, coming specially to taste his wine, will gently bring him to mourn the death of his wife by a series of symbols and exchanges between two cultures. A moving portrayal by French actor/winemaker Gérard Depardieu put this film at the top of our favorites.

    Precedes: Saint Amour

    Saint Amour

    Muscardini Cellars
    September 22, 2016 7:40 pm