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2015 Wine Country Film Festival


Directed by Andrew Dresher

First Feature / USA / 2015 / Drama, Music / 76 mins / English

Beatbox preceded by Mas Paz

Orpheus Winery
September 18, 2015 5:15 pm


BEATBOX is an independent dramatic feature set in Manhattan featuring a young man who discovers his talents as a Beatbox musician.

Set in Brooklyn– New York’s musical epicenter– the film follows Pete (20s), an underdog hero, a DJ and musician whose day job is delivering beer for his girlfriend’s family business.  But, come night, Pete is in his makeshift home recording studio, where he lays down beats.   He meets Stone, a mysterious record company owner, who introduces Pete to the world of Brooklyn beatboxing, and to the lovely singer and beatboxer Rye.  The film culminates at the country’s beatbox championship competition, where performers face off, and also collaborate.

Producer Jon Furay A BeatBox Competition – following the film.

Preceded By

  1. Mas Paz: His Story

    Carey Averbook / Arts in Film / USA / 2014 / Art, Biography, Documentary / 7 mins
    This is a piece of the journey of an artist and designer as he begins to gain widespread recognition. He has to leave his job at a skate shop to pursue the work he really wants to do, share his message of peace, and raise funds for the orphanage in Colombia he was adopted from.

    Precedes: Beatbox

Dates & Times

Beatbox preceded by Mas Paz

Orpheus Winery
September 18, 2015 5:15 pm