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2014 Wine Country Film Festival

Angel Azul

Directed by Marcelina Cravat-Overway

Arts in Film / Grenada, Indonesia, Mexico, UK, USA / 2014 / Documentary, Drama / 74 mins / English / Wine Country Premiere Premiere

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Angel Azul

The Kenwood Restaurant Theater Space
September 19, 2014 8:00 pm


Witness the birth of an artificial coral reef, learn how we are inextricably connected to the ocean and then consider how our choices will determine what we leave to future generations. Witness Jason deCaires Taylor’s artistic journey as he creates hauntingly beautiful underwater life-like statues cast from live models that then become the basis for this man-made reef. Soon, algae overtakes the reef and we learn about the precarious situation coral reefs currently face and the solutions necessary to save them. However Jason faces his own problems in keeping his bodega (workshop) afloat, but never tires from his efforts to get the message out about this valuable ecosystem that is in grave danger of disappearing.

Narrated by Peter Coyote, the film provides insights that will cause viewers to ponder our connection to this valuable and beautiful ecosystem.

Q&A with Marcelina Cravat after the film.

“It’s about people and their relationship with nature. Your film celebrates that in a beautiful way. You’ve got a winner.”

~ Sylvia Earle

“This is absolutely beautiful. I’m so proud to be able to participate in it.”

~ Peter Coyote

It was a treat to see this wonderful film on the big screen. I still feel the emotion from it on many levels, which is always the sign of compelling story telling.

~ Brian Baird

“Thank you for all your warmth and genius.  Students’ lives changed.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams

“This is an excellent film, has wide appeal for those interested in world-wide climate change, addresses the needs for protection and restoration of coral reefs, and the importance of oceans on a planet to host some nine [9] billion humans by 2050.”

~ Dr. Samuel Lee Hancock

“Congratulations Marcy… Angel Azul was awarded “honorable mention” at our closing ceremony tonight in the palacio!”

~ John Sheedy



Screenwriter: Marcelina Cravat-Overway
Music: Ian Dolamore, Daniel Fríes
Producer: Erik Johnson, Kath Delaney, Marcelina Cravat-Overway
Narrator: Peter Coyote

Dates & Times

Angel Azul

The Kenwood Restaurant Theater Space
September 19, 2014 8:00 pm