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Wine Country Film Festival 2013

Win. Lose. Forgive.

Directed by Mer Aldao

Documentary, Shorts, US Cinema / USA / Biography, Documentary, Sports / 27 mins / English

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Win. Lose. Forgive.

St Patrick's Episcopal Church
September 28, 2013 9:00 am


“Win. Lose. Forgive.” will make you feel connected to the most brutal sport you’ve probably never heard of.  ”Win. Lose. Forgive.” is a short film (27 min.) that offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of Muay Thai and the lessons it can teach all of us. The film features legends of the sport: fighter and trainer Jongsanan “Woodenman”, Monlit Sitpohdaeng (voted Muay Thai Coach of the Year 2010 in Thailand), and Ben Brown, student of Jongsanan and Monlit and owner/trainer at PHAS3 Martial Arts. The film captures a powerful ethic embraced by those with deep roots in Muay Thai and the spirituality gained through this brutal sport known as the “Art of 8 Limbs.”

In Person:
Ben Brown – Muay Thai Coach who is featured in the film
Rick Cheek – 6-time World Heavy Kickboxing Champion
Suellen Primost – Renowned Cellist
Neil Raphael – DJ/Creator of the film’s soundtrack
Kurt Hoffmann – Producer

The showing of “Win. Lose. Forgive.” will include several Special Features you won’t want to miss:

9:00 am
Prior to the showing, you can hear the unique soundtrack, which will be accompanied live by renowned cellist Suellen Primost

10:00 am
After the film, Ben Brown and Rick Cheek will discuss the spiritual aspects of Muay Thai and the PHAS3 philosophy. They will also give a demonstration of this incredible martial art known as the “Art of 8 Limbs”
Neil Raphael and Kurt Hoffmann will be available to answer your questions about the production and its unique soundtrack.

Extended Bios:

Ben Brown

Ben is the main person featured in “Win. Lose. Forgive.” He is the first person in North America to be certified by Jongsanan “Woodenman”, a very rare honor from this legendary Muay Thai champion and coach. This event sparked the development of “Win. Lose. Forgive.” Ben Brown’s Santa Rosa based martial arts school, PHAS3, is guided by a spiritual approach that begins with the PHAS3 name, representing 3 phases of development achieved through training:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

Rick Cheek, Kickboxing and MMA World Champion

Rick is a six-time World Heavyweight Champion in both Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. His career includes 26 wins, 23 by knockout. Rick is a current student at PHAS3 and a perfect example of the mix of the highest level of fighting capabilities mixed with spiritual values that are revealed in the film.

Neil Raphael

Santa-Rosa-based DJ and producer Neil Raphael (aka “Raph”) produced the 10-song soundtrack of music from and inspired by the film. Neil draws on musical inspiration from around the globe, often blending heavy beats of hip hop and electronica with more traditional and worldly textures.

Suellen Primost

Suellen Primost is a seasoned, classically trained cellist, a sound healer and recording artist, known for her versatility across musical genres (classical, jazz, pop, folk, Celtic, Turkish, ambient) and for her soulful expressiveness. A fluent improviser, Suellen has, in addition to her symphonic work, collaborated extensively throughout her career with movie directors, sound healers, poets, actors, dancers, visual artists, jazz legends and other gifted musicians from around the world.

Kurt Hoffmann

Santa-Rosa-based Producer of the film, Kurt Hoffmann drew from his experience producing TV commercials and videos as a 24-year veteran in marketing. Hoffmann is also a musician and artist, which heavily guided the project.

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Dates & Times

Win. Lose. Forgive.

St Patrick's Episcopal Church
September 28, 2013 9:00 am