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Wine Country Film Festival 2013

Festival Guide

Our new website from Gala Festival Engines has many new features for viewing the films in the festival, purchasing tickets and even building a custom itinerary of the films you wish to see to print or share with friends.

Daily schedule:  To see what’s happening each day at Wine Country Film Festival  September 25 – 29, and build your own custom itinerary to print or share with friends.

All films and events:  Browse Wine Country Film Festival films and events from A-Z.

Short Films: To see a list of all Short Films in the Festival

Genres: To search by genre, see the Genre Search Cloud in the Sidebar and choose a keyword. For example, choose comedy to see all comedies in the festival.

Itinerary Builder: Build your itinerary by adding and removing items from the schedule page. When you’re ready, you can print, download, & share your itinerary with family and friends.

Be sure to save your itinerary URL by clicking the “Save the URL” button before navigating away, so you don’t lose your selections. Once you save your itinerary your very own WFCC URL can be copied from the URL field. We recommend you click on the button to open your itinerary in a new window. From there you can bookmark your itinerary so you don’t loose the itinerary URL. You can then share your itinerary on Facebook or Twitter, or email it by using the buttons in the itinerary box at the bottom of the schedule page.

Another advanced feature of the itinerary builder is to save your itinerary as a calendar file (.ics file). Then you can import your itinerary into your iCal, Google calendar, or many other calendar apps.

If you forget any of these instructions they can be found in the itinerary Help button or in the helpful popups as you hover over the feature!

History: To read about the history of the Wine Country Film Festival

To Browse Sections and Type of Films Use the Red buttons underneath the slider on the homepage.

If a short film doesn’t have a BUY TICKET button click on the film’s name to go to the next page where you can see the film the short is screening before and Purchase a ticket.