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Wine Country Film Festival 2013

Master Class with Director, Producer and Cinematographer Frederic Goodich ASC

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Preceded By:
Dreamers preceded by KickStart Theft and followed by a Master Class with Director, Producer and Cinematographer Frederic Goodich ASC

St Patrick's Episcopal Church
September 28, 2013 10:30 am


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Cinematography is the art of telling stories through meaningful images. It is a voyage through Light. It is the subtext of emotion, attitude and point-of-view in a film. It is a means by which the director’s vision of the script is implemented from moment-to-moment through the use of light, composition, color and the blocking of the actors within a landscape, location or interior set. Using clips from his body of work and that of the masters, cinematographer Frederic Goodich ASC will discuss how great cinematography — whether shot on film or digital — is not about ‘capturing’, but rather about ‘creating and constructing’ images. Cinematographers don’t just ‘take’ pictures they ‘make pictures’.

Frederic Goodich ASC will present clips from many films that best express the method of Storytelling with Visual Images.   A rare opportunity to spend two hours with a Master Cinematographer/Director.



Preceded By

  1. Dreamers

    Noëlle Deschamps / Arts In Film, Documentary, International / France / 2012 / Art, Film Art, Film Studies, Literature, Woman Filmmaker / 52 mins
    This documentary is a worldwide "poetic journey" through the imagination of several film writers and directors, from all over the world, such as Frank Pierson, Jacques Audiard, Pan Nalin, James Gray, Guillermo Arriaga, Emir Kusturica, Maïwenn, Michel Gondry... By entering their world we will discover what they all have in common through the images of their films, the interviews about their inspiration, the highly specific way in which they work, their subjects, their characters and their directing styles.

    Preceded by: KickStart Theft

    Precedes: Master Class with Director, Producer and Cinematographer Frederic Goodich ASC

  2. KickStart Theft

    Frederic Goodich / Cinema of Conscience, Narrative, Shorts / USA / 2012 / African American, Experimental/Abstract, Film Art / 7 mins
    The film tells the story of Victor, a homeless man struggling to provide for his family on the streets of Los Angeles. When he finds a job as a courier, he pawns what little jewelry his wife, Nayeesha has managed to hold onto and then picks up a used motorcycle. The job goes well until the bike is stolen, after which Victor and his son, Kierky must embark on a desperate search for the thief.

    Followed by a Master Class with director and producer Frederic Goodich . (Saturday Only)

    Precedes: Dreamers, Master Class with Director, Producer and Cinematographer Frederic Goodich ASC, Satellite Boy